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SUNZZE complete STARTER SET pro warmwax

Item number: 20000037

Silky legs in a few seconds!

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included in the set
Wachserwärmer für Perlen oder Dosen - bis 400ml WH001
part of the set
Wachspatronenerhitzer Hair Way Weiß 11055792
part of the set
2AAWO125 NachpflegeTeebaumlöl 125 ml 10000110
part of the set
Holzspatel für Depilationswachs 100 St. Sunzze 55-169
part of the set
Sunzze Flex Creamy Rose Wachspatrone, 100 ml 10000157
part of the set
Vliesstreifen 100 St. 7cm x 20cm, 80 g. Sunzze 007STR01, TOP SELLER
part of the set
Italwax AMBER FLEX Wachsdose, 400ml 18020060
part of the set
RRP: 64.34 2

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Less then 5 psc in stock

Wax Heater Sunzze, for 350 -500ml Jars

waxcartridge heater HAIR WAY white

After care cleanser and moisturizer,125ml

Holzspatel für Depilationswachs 100 St.

Holzspatel zum auftragen des Wachses

SUNZZE Proflex Creamy Rose Cartridge, 100ml

The Rose wax cartridge removes unwanted body hair and cares for your skin in a natural way.

Fleece strips 100 pcs. 7cm x 20cm, 80 g. Sunzze

Professional fleece strips help with professional depilation. This quality strip is reliable!

Italwax AMBER FLEX jar, 400ml

Waxing is chids play with Sunzze!

Easy to use from the first try

If you use this product at home or in the salon, Sunzze Profi-startersset makes waxing easy>/p>

Sunzze Profi-waxingset includes


  • Wax heater with temperature controller
  • 2x800ml free from allergen White Diamond wax + 4 waxing paterns
  • 300 fleece strips, 100 spatulas
  • 125ml tea tree after waxing oil

Sunzze Profi-startersset

You’re used to shaving and you trust it so much that you wouldn’t want to change to waxing. But you also don’t feel like shaving everyday, or even every second day. Try this startersset. The wax heater(230V-60Hz-65W) can contain 800ml wax cans with a diameter of 10cm. The start set comes with lid so that you can store everythingnicely and neatly. Enjoy the long comfort of silky legs.

Even for sensitive skin

Lots of women get annoyed with the prickly feeling of unshaved legs. All the effort of shaving your legs just to get the hairs back the day after. White Diamond Hot wax if free from allergen and nurishes your skin. Thanks tot he allergen free content, this product is even applicable to sensitive skin. After waxing you can enjoy the beautiful tea tree aroma that takes away any redness on the skin and heals it immediately.

With this set you wouldnt want to shave again. Waxing is that easy! Enjoy that hairless smooth feeling for up to 14 days! Put that beautiful summer dress you baught the other day!

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