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4 Waxing Blocks for Sensitive Area Waxing

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Epilate delicate regions with these Honey wax blocks!

Item number: 12000007
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Honey wax blocks: caring and thorough

The honey wax blocks offer you a reliable and gentle epilation. Whether it is applied on the legs or sensitive areas such as armpits or genital area, these wax blocks are the right choice. The skin is well maintained during hair removal with the valuable ingredients of honey. The result: silky smooth and neat glossy skin.

The honey wax blocks in detail:

  • Hot wax for the genital area and armpits
  • ideal for sensitive and tanned skin
  • suitable for all skin types
  • highest quality
  • Application without strips
  • also suitable for the microwave
  • Content: 4 wax blocks = 200 g

Nourishing hot wax for sensitive skin

The treatment with these blocks works out gently and thoroughly. Application with the honey wax blocks works out simple and effective. With its smooth and creamy texture, let the wax spread across your skin for the best results. Get hot wax in the best quality. Because of the honey extracts the wax maintains your skin during epilation and ensures clean and silky results. The honey wax blocks have a weight of about 50 g. Due to the nourishing ingredients, these wax blocks can be used on sensitive areas such as genital area or armpits.

Ease of use - brilliant results

The honey wax blocks are simple to apply without strips. Simply heat the desired amount to about 55 ° C, the wax should have a temperature of about 43 ° C. Apply a thick layer of wax in the direction of hair growth using a spatula, at a 45-degree angle, onto the skin. Remove the cooled wax with a short, quick motion against the direction of hair growth. Place some pressure on the area to calm the skin and nourish the skin with a treatment lotion.

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