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Brazilian Wax, 800ml


Acrocere now has come with their own Brazilian wax, supplied in a 800ml can. It has been made especially for removing the finest hairs in the facial area

Item number: 10001128
RRP: 18.95 2

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Effective and gentle hair removal for your skin

The Brazilian wax hair remover is gentle for your sensitive skin areas and enables a gentle hair removal and prevents irritation. High-quality Portuguese Rosinate, as well as selected Italian bees wax were used in the production. The natural ingredients provide the gentle care and a pleasant sensation on the skin during and after the application.

Included with Brazilian wax

  • Depilation wax 800 ml
  • Portuguese Rosinate, Italian bee wax
  • suitable for face, body and genital regions
  • gentle, gentle care
  • suitable for all skin types

Fast and effective hair removal

The elasticity and softness of the Brazilian wax offer a quick and easy hair removal on all areas of the skin in the application, unless it comes to dry out, it could break the wax. The gentle consistency is suitable thanks to the natural ingredients for all skin types, no matter whether you want to undergo especially sensitive or normal skin an epilation.

Instructions for use of wax hair removal Brazilian wax

Apply the warm mass on the desired point, allow to dry the wax briefly and then pull it off against the direction of hair growth. If you pull off the wax with the direction of the hair growth, prevent skin irritation and need to perform may be for a second follow-up, to achieve the desired result. The wax should be heated to a temperature of approx. 55 ° C. The skin must be kept clean and dry. After the hair removal with wax, the skin may be slightly irritated. However, with a soothing lotion, the irritation will subside in a short time. The Brazilian wax allows you a lasting up to two weeks, enthaarte smooth skin.

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