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Brazilian Waxing Serum by Rica, 100ml

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The Brazilian waxing serum by RICA is ideal for removing wax residue and prevents skin irritation.

Item number: 10002040
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Rich care for stressed skin after the waxing

Wax residues can be removed easily with the Brazilian waxing serum by RICA. Thanks to many skin-soothing ingredients, it cleanses your skin after hair removal and gives back at the same time, as well as important nutrients. Your skin feels clean, tight and very tender. With the RICA "after waxing calming serum" you can also handle ingrown hairs.

Lots of ingredients for a comprehensive treatment

The intense effect is caused by the interplay of the individual ingredients. The avocado milk has an antioxidant effect and provides sufficient moisture, help papaya extracts in the treatment of ingrown hair. Vegetable oil extracts of Chamomile and Aloe Vera soothe and protect the skin. Menthol gives the serum in addition a refreshing and soothing effect.

The skin-soothing serum containing avocado milk by RICA

  • with avocado, papaya, Bisabolol, Aloe Vera and menthol
  • with vitamin A, D and E
  • cleansing and skin-soothing
  • Prevents spreading of bacteria and skin irritations
  • reduces the growth of hair
  • Content: 100 ml

Thanks to the handy pump bottle it is very hygienic and easy to apply. Give a few splashes of serum on dry skin after the waxing and spread it generously.

Effective protection against skin redness and pimples

For hair removal, the skin on the legs is very sensitive. To curb the spread of bacteria and prevent skin irritation, the Brazilian waxing serum by RICA offers a high key success factor for easier application. Effectively, especially the avocado milk helps in inhibiting the spread of bacteria. Also used to treat of ingrown hair serum is the best solution.

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