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Cold waxing strips for Men DEEPLINE


Special waxing strips for men? Even this is available in our store!

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Special waxing strips for men

Tailored to male needs are the Deepline cold waxing strips. Included in the package are six double stripes that can be applied to the legs and body. The application of cold Wax Strips is very easy and the depilation is very fast. Because the cold waxing strips don’t have to be heated. The hair removal stripes by Deepline promise quality results and ensure thorough and gentle depilation.

Cold waxing strips from Deepline:

  • Hair removal strips for men
  • 6 double strips for legs and body
  • including two after-Wax wipes
  • quick and easy application, long-term results
  • Manufacturer: DEEP LINE

Quick employed - depilated quickly

Because heating isn’t needed for these strips, you save a lot of time. It is sufficient enough to hole the strips between your hands before waxing. Simply rub your hands together with the strip placed in between your hands. Then separate the two strips and apply on the desired area. Press the strip on your skin and rub firmly with the palm of it. Then pull the strips jerkily against the direction of hair growth. This means that all hairs are removed along with the hair root. If you continue to stick wax or skin residues on the skin, the strip can be launched again. At the end of the depilation wax can be removed with the excess after-wax-cloths that provide the skin with additional nutrients.

Test the cold wax strips Deepline!

For a quick and effective depilation of leg and body parts we recommend hair removal strips by Deepline, which were developed specifically for the needs of men's skin and provide a gentle and smooth depilation.

Triethylene Glycol Rosinate, Glyceryl Rosinate, Cera Alba, Calendula Officinalis

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