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Hot Wax Rosa Pan, 120ml

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The ARCOCERE hot pink wax for painless hair removal thanks to the special formula and elimination with strips.

Item number: 10001059
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Also available in the 1200g can!
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Soft hair removal of sensitive areas

Even small hairs in the facial area or in the hard to reach places, will be taken away without a problem. The pink wax is rich in its ingredients which supplies amazing nourishment for the skin for a painless removal. Eliminate the smallest hairs with no problem.

The pink hot wax by ARCOCERE

  • with beeswax and rose oil
  • for the face and armpits
  • hair removal without strips
  • packaged in a practical Pan
  • Content: 120 ml
  • Smooth and supple skin

    The combination of beeswax and rose oil provides moisture and takes care of your skin. The hot wax acts gently and prevents unpleasant irritation or redness in the face. The wax remains permanently flexible and tender

    Application without strips

    ROSA hot wax comes in a small pan with spatula. So you can wax the smallest hairs directly, unless more resources are needed and unnecessary waste is produced


    Prepare the skin for waxing with a pre wax lotion. As soon as the wax is heated up to operating temperature, apply a thin layer with spatula. Thanks to the small spatula, application for eyebrows on the lip or the armpits is easier. A small layer is enough. The hot wax dries very quickly so you can remove the wax without strips and allowing the hair removal. Tighten the skin and apply the wax in at a 45 ° angle against the direction of hair growth. Also, you need to treat the skin with a after waxing lotion after every session.

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