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Italwax Heater Aurora, 100ml

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Italwax Aurora heats up easily for a beautiful waxed skin.

Item number: 18020017
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Perfection has arrived!

Waxing with warm wax is very popular, because this type of hair removal is suitable for all body parts and is a fast and effective method. Warm wax is essential to use at the perfect temperature and consistency, it is of course indispensable for the waxing with warm wax: heat up the wax enough to make it soft enough for an uncomplicated application. Make sure the wax isn’t too warm, to avoid irritation or even burns. The Aurora wax heater by Italwax gives you the perfect temperature every time!

Modern technology for smooth hair removal

The Aurora wax heater by Italwax automatically heats the wax to the ideal temperature and keeps it warm, so that you can concentrate on the treatment - benefit from modern waxing technology! The wax heater in a plain and discreet design, has a LED indicator that indicates when the wax is ready for the treatment. The Aurora wax heater by Italwax is suitable for all wax cartridges in the 100-ml standard size. The device comes with 220 Watt and 40V. Operated via a cable, so must not be recharged. Aurora is an enrichment for each professional waxing session!

All the facts about Aurora by Italwax

  • Accessories for the waxing with warm wax
  • Cartridge unit with cable
  • suitable for all 100 ml wax cartridges
  • 220 Watts, 40 volts
  • heated wax and keeps it hot
  • in the new design with led

Instructions for use

Place a 100ml wax cartridge of choice in the Aurora wax heater. Turn device on and wait for the green light to appear for a successful waxing session!

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