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Italwax Sugarwax Soft 400ml

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Soft sugar paste by Italwax - ensures reliable hair removal.

Item number: 18020003
RRP: 17.95 2

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Discover hair removal with a sugar base!

The high-quality sugar paste by Italwax you can experience another type of hair removal - based on tradition and naturalness. This wonderful medium is suitable for the flicking for the waxing with non-woven strips and by hand. The sugar paste is soft very well tolerated by the refined formulation and gives a smooth delicate skin.

Pure nature for a wonderful compatibility

Italwax has a soft and very high emphasis in the composition of sugar paste on efficacy and tolerability placed. Especially with strong perspiration, you or your customers will benefit from unique, clean results. This waxing paste from Italwax shows their full effect if the application at low ambient temperatures. This type of hair removal is suitable for people suffering from allergies because of the naturalness. Also during high perspiration, we recommend sugar paste soft by Italwax.

  • high-quality sugar paste soft
  • Content: 400 ml
  • very elastic consistency
  • for a natural depilation
  • very lightweight application
  • Manufacturer: Italwax

Sugar paste soft by Italwax: for many body parts

Because of the very good compatibility, you can use the sugar paste on many parts of the body. The means for fine to normal hair is particularly suitable. This is plucked at the root, and the result is long-lasting depilation. We recommend the natural method with sensitive skin.

Very easy application - make sure equal

With sugar paste soft you can wax reliably, professionally and easy. Heat the open box up to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Take a small amount and form it into a small ball. Roll the ball against the direction of hair growth on the desired area of the skin. Then remove them with the direction of the hair growth. Alternatively, you can use also non-woven strips for removal. Excellent, this professional paste also for mixing with other sugar paste is suitable.


Glucose, Fructose, Wasser, Citric Acid

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