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Premium Talcum Wax, 700ml

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Are you looking for a hot wax that removes unwanted hairs and protects your skin during hair removal? Then we recommend our premium talcum wax in a 700 ml jar!

Item number: 15001027
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Special design for less pain

Many people prefer shaving because they are afraid of the pain caused by waxing. These fears can now be past tense! Talcum is a mineral powder, you probably already know from the baby care. The calming and anti-inflammatory effect, is now shared thanks to PREMIUM WAX, they developed a new Talcum wax that is now available in 700 ml size. This wax contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and zinc hot wax Micro mica, to make sure your treatment follows softly and efficiently. Zinc softens the wax and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Micro mica helps to access short and difficult hairs. The wax leaves no trace on the skin, it reduces the appearance of redness and is applicable for the first waxing on young customers, sensitive body parts or sensitive skin without a doubt.


  • High quality wax with Talcum and titanium dioxide
  • creamy texture and feels light on the skin
  • No irritation or redness
  • suitable for microwave
  • use with strips
  • 700ml
  • Quality by PREMIUM WAX

Easy to use!

Heat the wax to a working temperature of approx. 55 °C. When applying the wax it should have a temperature of 43°C. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, with a spatula, on cleansed and dry skin. Then either press a strip down onto the wax or let the wax cool down until it is soft and pliable. Then hold the skin taut and pull off the wax or the strip (depending on method of application) with a jerky motion against the direction of hair growth.

For a healthy skin

Depilatory lotion can remove wax residues with a post and help restore the skin after the waxing!

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