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Quick Dry Spray Wax accelarator

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Quick drying wax mist. 125ml of treatment that dries wax instantly.

Item number: 10000149
Base price 100 Mililiter = 7.16
incl. VAT plus shipping
Less then 5 psc in stock

Acceleration and simplification of wax hair removal

With the quick-drying spray, you can professionally perform a wax hair removal at home and perform the entire procedure faster and easier. The spray instant touch dries hard wax and accelerates the care. Through the simplified procedure, do not use with dirty hands or gloves, to avoid getting stains in your home and also reduces latency. The quick drying spray particularly suitable for use in hot and humid weather conditions.

Supplied with quick drying spray

  • Content: 125 ml
  • Acceleration of wax hair removal
  • Quick dry wax fog
  • Avoid skin irritation
  • suitable for hard wax

Avoid skin irritation due to cooling

The quick drying spray has the so-called quick dry wax mist, which provides a cooling effect during and after the application. Thereby reduce redness by cools while treating the skin at the relevant points. Afterwards remains a pleasant cool feeling and a gentle skin structure.

Instructions for use of the spray

The fast drying spray is sprayed on the spot where you want to wax. The care spray is applied to the skin in two consecutive rounds of spraying. It thus accelerates the drying of the wax and reduces the overall duration of the procedure. After a short time, the wax is dry and can be pulled off as usual from the skin. Skin irritation will now feature quick dry wax to prevent fog. Experience the pleasant cool feeling on the skin for yourself and forget the annoying side effects of skin irritation. Enjoy the benefits!

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