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SUNZZE Brilliance Wax for Brazilian Waxing, 800ml


With the wax hair removal around the genital area, you will save time and remove even stubborn hair thoroughly and gently.

Item number: 10000100
Base price 1 Liter = 36.19
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Experience the perfect bikini line!

With the reliable wax hair removal in the genital area to remove unwanted body hair easy, effective and long-acting - without a razor. This premium wax is suitable for many body parts, such as Legs, arms and chest. By gentle ingredients you can use this product ideal for the removal of facial and Intimate. You will receive a thorough earnings and a silky soft, smooth skin.

Also for men – fights even strong hair growth

The innovative combination of high quality ingredients, this wax hair removal in the genital area is very strong and thoroughly. So the wax is particularly flexible and can even be used at very stubborn hairs and dense hair. Thus, the product maintains itself at a very hairy man's chest everything it promises.

  • innovative wax hair removal in the genital area
  • very fast application
  • without rosin
  • Application with a fine spatula
  • 800 ml tin
  • incl. 5 spatulas and repackaging
  • productive and reliable hair removal
  • for all parts of the body and genital area
  • smooth skin feeling without irritation
  • manufactured in Australia

Innovative recipe for a skin gentle care

The ingenious recipe and quality composition makes this wax hair removal in the genital area very gentle on the skin and well tolerated. The composition is free from rosins and contains effective titanium dioxide. This will prevent redness and irritation of the skin. The wax is suitable for all skin types - even with allergies can use this product safely

Wax hair removal in the genital area

The productive wax hair removal in the genital area can be easily applied. You can use this time-saving mass heating in the microwave, then apply against the direction of hair growth with the spatula and pull in the opposite direction with a slight tug. Convince yourself of the thorough hair removal and a unique skin feel

Ingredients: polycyclopentadienes, cera Alba, gossypium oil, ricinus communis oil, paraffin, titanium dioxide, perfume

Polycyclopentadiene, Cera Alba,Glycerine Soja Oil, Paraffin, Titanium Dioxid, Parfüm.

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