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SUNZZE Brilliant Brazilian, 500gr Blocks


Do you prefer hair removal with wax? Then you can fall back on Sunzze brilliance, the allergy-free hard wax!

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The best thing for the intimate waxing...

... as well as other sensitive skin areas such as the face! The hard wax blocks by Sunzze are suitable for men with strong hair growth, because they are free from Rosin (hypoallergenic). The results of treatment are overwhelming, because of the creamy and very flexible texture it’s suitable also for depilation of sensitive areas of the skin. The depilation of face is no longer a problem the brilliance series hard wax containes titanium dioxide which reduces demonstrably redness on the skin. The Rosin-free Brazilian wax Sunzze Brilliance can be applied on face, chest, legs, arms and in the groin area and is suitable for all skin types.

Sunzze brilliance hard wax in the overview:

  • free Rosin (allergy-free) hard wax
  • can be heated in a matter of seconds in the microwave
  • suitable for all skin types
  • suitable also for sensitive areas (private parts, face)
  • Content: 500 g in single blocks
  • Manufacturer: Sunzze

Simple heating in the microwave

The brilliance of Sunzze wax is the new revolution in the field of hard wax, because it can be heated in the microwave, which extremely reduces the heating process. For maximum time savings, the wax can only be heated and then placed in the wax heater in the microwave. The hard wax is used without fleece strips. The practical 500 g pack, several applications are possible. The hard wax Sunzze brilliance leaves behind not only a smooth, but also a gentle, soft clean feeling of skin without irritation. This hard wax is your choice if you want to wax sensitive skin and avoid unsightly redness.

Brazilian waxing in perfection

Feel like a pro with Sunzze brilliance, the hard wax of highest quality. at enjoy the optimal results at home with this high-quality hard wax!

Polycyclopentadiene, Cera Alba, Gossypium Oil, Ricinus Communis Oil, Paraffin, Titanium Dioxid, Parfum.

The warm mass is applied to the desired place with a wooden spatula and withdrawn after a short drying period against the direction of hair growth, without help from non-woven strips.

1. Heating the wax. Make sure to pre-heat the wax heater for 55 ° C. Then make sure that when placing the can of wax the working temperature is at 43 ° C.
2. Cleansing. Make sure to cleans the skin with water before application.
3. Remove moisture. Make sure to dry the area that has been cleansed befor application. Make sure to remove all moisture.
4. Application. Now apply a thick layer of wax to the skin with a spatula. Apply in the same direction of hair growth.
5. Let the wax cool down until it is soft and pliable.
6. Removal. Hold the skin taight and pull off the wax with a short fast movement against the direction of hair growth. Never apply new wax on an epilierte area!
7. After removal of the wax, place your hand over the epilated area to relax the skin.

Remark: By using the special SUNZZE Bumperaiser Triple-Action or SUNZZE tea treeoil - cleanser you will revitalize and soothe your skin after every session. These products will not only help your skin relax, but it will also remove any wax residue on your skin.

After the depilation, the skin may be slightly irritated. If you experiance anz irritation then you may apply  SUNZZE AFTER WAX CALMING SERUM or TRIPLE ACTION cream that slows hair growth and helps ingrown hairs decrease.
When you apply the wax as described above with the use of the recommended lotions, you will experiance the desired reults you want. You will experiance a soother, suppeler skin and profit from it during two weeks.
Note: If the wax stays on the skin for too long, it will become hard and brittle, and is therefore very difficult to remove.

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