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Bio Sugaring Paste Strong 550g

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For thorough hair removal without shaving: gentle, natural and nourishing - the Sugar Paste Strong.
Item number: 10601005
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100% NATURAL: without dyes, thickeners or polyvinyls soft and delicate tear!
for problems related to capillary fragility
for allergic people
RIP IN THE SENSE OF THE HAIR: makes tearing non-traumatic.
HYDROSOLUBLE: its residues are removed with hot water.
SUGAR and HONEY: moisturizers and decongestants, have a soothing and restorative action of the epidermis.

Sugar paste epilating wax for the "sugaring" method. Ideal for those with sensitive vein and capillary problems.

Available in three different types of hardness:

  • SOFT - soft for cold temperatures
  • MEDIUM - average for mild temperatures
  • STRONG - lasts for hot temperatures

Professional epilating wax made without resins for sugaring. 100% natural, composed of: sugar, honey and water. Hypoallergenic, without dyes, perfumes, polyvinyls, sulphates. It does not cause skin irritation and is particularly suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

It produces a natural exfoliation of the skin. Sugar and honey, moisturizing and decongestant, have a soothing and restorative action on the epidermis. The skin will be perfectly epilated, extremely soft and hydrated.

Sucrose, Aqua / Water, Mel / Honey, Citric Acid


  1. Sanitize the skin with the specific Precera Bio Sugar Sanitizing Gel and dab until it is dry.
  2. Absorb any residual moisture by applying the Bio Sugar Pre-Hair Removal Velvet Powder based on corn starch.
  3. Take a small amount of Bio Sugar Paste with your hands or spatula and spread it against the part to be depilated.
  4. Remove the product with a firm tear following the growth of the hair.

The wax can be reused several times until it loses elasticity. Any wax residue can be removed with water. At the end of the epilation, hydrate and soothe the skin using the special Postcera Bio Sugar products.

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