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Italwax sugarwax strong, 1200g


Brazilian waxing at high temperatures are made easy with Italwax Strong sugar paste.

Item number: 18020122
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Solid sugar paste for flicking method

Remove troublesome hairs traditionally, gently and thoroughly with the Italwax Strong sugar paste. With fleece strips or with the hand-flicking technique, this paste will get you a long-lasting smooth skin. The strong paste is suitable especially for use at higher room temperatures and strong transpiration.

The Italwax Strong sugar paste in detail:

  • 100% natural sugar paste
  • suitable for flicking and fleece Strip method
  • also for strong hairs
  • at warmer temperatures, perspiration or a mixture
  • causes no allergies
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • Content: 1200g

Natural sugar paste, ideal for sensitive skin

The Italwax Strong sugar paste is 100% natural and causes no allergies. So, the paste is ideal for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. The strong sugar paste is ideally suited for the flicking method, but also can be used as hot wax with fleece strips. Use the sugar paste for high ambient temperatures or strong transparent skin. The Italwax sugar paste is also good, to come to liquid sugar paste again admit the optimum consistency.

Simple application, radiant result

With the Italwax Strong sugar paste the sugaring is thoroughly and easily. Simply warm the paste to a working temperature. Remove the wax from the heater at approx. 40 ° small amount of paste and form a ball. Now apply the sugar paste the direction of hair growth on the skin and remove the paste in the direction of hair growth. Get silky smooth skin. The sugar paste can be used also with the fleece Strip method. Residues can be easily removed with water. Get silky smooth skin that worth looking at with the Italwax Strong sugar paste.

Glucose, Fructose, Water, Citric Acid

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