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Warma Wax White Choclat 800ml

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White Chocolate Liposoluble Wax

Item number: 10002047
RRP: 14.95 2


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Charm your skin with white chocolate and cocoa proteins!

If you decide to wax with white chocolate by RICA - then you've made a very good choice. Get a hot wax as seen in a professional beauty salon. The refined formulation creates an outstanding quality. Experience reliable results: hair removal from the roots and a silky smooth, clean skin.

Rich formula: perfect for dry skin

This professional wax contains real white chocolate and cocoa butter. Like a poem, it flatters the skin. Many minerals and proteins provide the skin with valuable nutrients. The cocoa contains antioxidants, which positively enrich the whole organism as anti radical.

  • exclusive wax white chocolate
  • with proteins
  • innovative formula, fat soluble
  • with rich minerals
  • especially good for dry skin
  • very lightweight application
  • Content: 800 ml
  • in decorative box
  • Manufacturer: RICA
  • Very smooth consistency - perfect for large areas


    Is the special feature of the wax is that it has a supple consistency. It can be applied in a very comfortable way. This product is ideal for larger areas. It is perfect for the leg depilation or epilating a mans chest. It works anywhere on the body, try it out now!

    White chocolate wax by RICA

    Heat the complete box in a wax heater. Wait until the wax has melted in a complete liquid. Then apply a thin layer in a 45-degree angle with a spatula. Remove the wax in the direction of hair growth and press a strip firmly onto the applied wax. Then with a quick jerk, remove the strip with wax from your skin in the opposite direction of your hairgrowth. Always remember to nourish your skin after ever session with a after waxing lotion or oil.

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