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Waxing Heater for 800ml Cans with Lid

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Continuous heating of warm wax - the wax heater by Arcocere!

Item number: 10001632
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Small and handy device for perfect warm wax

Wax cans and blocks in a few moments to heat, you need a good wax heater. The device of Arcocere is the solution if you are looking for a water heater, wax boxes from various manufacturers square have where and in which all types of wax can be melted. The wax heater equipped with a simple and infinitely variable temperature control, which heated the wax to the ideal temperature.

The wax heater of Arcocere: hot wax on the fly

  • stepless temperature control
  • Operating lamp
  • clear cover
  • all types of wax can be easily heat
  • prevents wax contamination
  • for 800 ml cans

In the wax heater from Arcocere, you can heat the most cans up to ten centimeters in width. It is suitable for different types of wax and any kind of wax is heated, ensure an optimal application.

Take advantage of a simple application

The use of wax heater by Arcocere is very simple. Before you put the wax box, remove the transparent cover. Close this, placing the wax box was and set the thermostat to the maximum temperature. When the wax is soft and melted, the temperature control is set in the middle.

Also wax blocks with the wax heater can warm up

The wax heater of Arcocere is suitable not only for wax cans, but also for the heating of blocks of wax. You need a usage, so that the blocks can be heated properly and risk-free. Such a usage is not included in the scope of supply of the wax heater. However we offer many products that are suitable for different devices in our category for accessories. These include also inserts that you can melt wax blocks clean and safe.

Order the heater by Arcocere and forward to perfectly melted wax that can be easy to apply and makes an effective hair removal!

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